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Sensos-e is a journal published semi-annually by inED – Centre for Research and Innovation in Education of the School of Education, Porto Polytechnic. It is peer reviewed, and available online in electronic format. It publishes research, and/or innovation and intervention papers within the field of Education, which suit one of the research lines of the research Centre. The journal publishes papers in text and static images that may be printed without loss of information, and papers that include multimedia resources, namely colour and hypertext and/or with possibilities of dynamic interaction.

Deadline for submitting papers: September 30th, 2022

Publishing date: January 2023


Porto Internacional Conference on Research in Education

The "Porto International Conference on Research in Education" - Porto ICRE’22 - will take place in the Polytechnic of Porto, Portugal, from 20th to 22th July 2022. Porto ICRE’22 is organized by the Centre for Research and Innovation in Education (inED) of the School of Education, a structure that congregates researchers from different interrelated knowledge domains contributing for the systematic study of education.

Sensos-e journal will publish twelve papers, in this special issue, from all those that are submitted and accepted for publishing by the Editorial Board of the journal. Papers that are accepted for publishing, but that are not selected for this special issue may be published in the regular issues of the journal, according to the author(s) wished.

Sensos-e publishes submissions in Portuguese, Galician, Spanish, French and English. Each submission is subject to a double-blind peer review process, done by the Editorial Board. The author(s) will receive an evaluation report for each submission.

Copy and distribution rights belong to Sensos-e

Each submission must include:

  • The title;
  • The name of the author(s) and institutional affiliation;
  • An abstract of less than 200 words;
  • A maximum of 5 keywords;
  • Abstract and keywords in English, if the submission is not written in this language.

The paper should not be over 6000 words. Each paper should not include more than 15 images nor more than 5 videos. Each image and video should present a subtitle and be sequentially numbered.

Authors must use APA style of referencing – – and the references must be presented alphabetically.

The submission system is open

The submissions should be identified in the title with the acronym of the congress: “[ICRE’22] Title”

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